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They are also identified by Saras Ragdoll House

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I purchased two adorable cats, said to be of the Ragdoll breed from Sara's Ragdoll House.At the time of purchase I signed a contract that indicated that I needed to have the cats neutered (so that I could not further breed them) and after I provided proof of neutering, they would provide both the Ragdoll papers and $100 rebate.

I had the cats neutered and provided the paperwork to them. I have contacted them at least 25 times via text, email and two cell numbers. I did get one text back, which let me know that they indeed realized that they owe me paperwork and money, but that they did not have 'time' to send either. It has been 8 weeks, and I am now pissed.

They are located in Manitowoc WI.

They also breed goldens under the name Those Goldens.Beware, while my animals are healthy, I have no idea if they are actually the Ragdoll breed (which I paid for) and they do not refund any money promised post neuter/spay.

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I am sad to see this posted.I did sell two kittens to this person, offered a steep discount for the second one.

I worked very hard to please her. Unfortunately during the time that she contacted me, I was experiencing some very serious medical issues and was delayed in replying to her due to hopsitalizations and did send out the neuter refund and also included an additional $20 due to sending it out to her late which was sent out a few weeks ago. The kittens were not sold with breeding papers but she was shown the papers for the parents and given a copy of them as well. I have always replied to her emails requesting information and advice on cats, kittens and have tried to be very attentive and did keep her informed regarding the fact of the current medical condition.

Because this is the internet I do not feel I need to state the medical issue or the loss we suffered.

I am sad to see this posted here as well.Please know it has been paid, and was so paid before I was aware of this.

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